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MARY YOUNG launched in the fall of 2014 to fill a gap in the intimates market that allows women to celebrate their natural shape. The brand offers lifestyle lingerie – think of a blend of traditional ‘to wear for your partner’ lingerie blended with everyday ‘boring’ functional underwear. Every garment is designed with comfort in mind for long lasting wear with the use of jerseys, knits and soft adjustable elastics to encourage appreciation of the natural body.

Ethical fashion is an approach in design, which maximizes the benefits to other and to our environment. We follow the triple bottom line approach, which includes social, environmental and commercial initiatives to create a sustainable fashion business. All of our designing is done in-house in Toronto. Our garments, the garments you receive, are made in Montreal. We keep our production in Canada because it is important to us to continue to create jobs within our country and to better the Canadian economy with every step. As a business we take an active role in producing ethical and sustainable garments that seek to empower you. We continuously look for ways to improve our production process to one that is more eco-friendly and sustainable than the last while sustaining our business practice. Ultimately, what matter to us is that we are leaving a positive impact on every step of the supply chain. 


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