Red Wayfarer Bamboo Sunglasses


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Keepwood Eyewear is on a mission to provide top-quality shades and eyeglasses without the profound environmental impact of traditional cheap plastic eyewear. Our sunglasses and eyeglass-frames are hand crafted using sustainable bamboo and non-endangered woods. Most importantly, with each purchase you will be funding Trees For the Future ( to plant 50 trees in one of their many worldwide projects. KEEPWOOD FEATURES: ✓High-quality UV400 (100% UVA/UVB) TAC Polarized lenses- eliminate visible glare, improve sharpness and make colours more vibrant ✓Stainless Steel Flex hinges- these are durable and offer a small amount of give for the perfect fit ✓Very lightweight and durable ✓Styles suitable for guys and gals ✓Each pair comes with a bamboo case, a cotton drawstring pouch, and a micro-fibre cloth for cleaning the lenses ✓Our eyeglasses are designed for lenses to be easily changed to your prescription lens (service not provided)
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